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Jeff Patton asked 4 years ago

do you know of any churches near the Denton Texas area that would subscribe to NCT doctrine?

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Zachary Maxcey Staff answered 4 years ago

Jeff, thank you for the question. In short, I do not personally know of any churches that openly subscribe to NCT doctrine in the Denton, TX area. Believers’ Chapel in Dallas (formerly pastored by S. Lewis Johnson) does teach doctrine that is close to NCT (if not NCT), although the church website does not call it that. If you are on Facebook, you can pose your question in two particular Facebook groups: ‘NCT Porch’ or ‘Discover New Covenant Theology’. The individuals who run the pages (not sure who administers NCT Porch, but Wayne Hinton administers Discover New Covenant Theology) may be able to help you identify whether there is one in the Denton, TX area. Thanks again.