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Christotelic Hermeneutics – Part 3

  (This post is a continuation of “Christotelic Hermeneutics” – Part 1 & 2.)    The Christotelic Spirit    The primary ministry of the Holy Spirit to reveal and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ also demonstrates the necessity of a…
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Christotelic Hermeneutics – Part 2

(This post is a contiunation of “Christotelic Hermeneutics” – Part 1.) The New Testament: A Higher Revelation of Christ       The fact that the New Testament revelation is a higher revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ than that in…
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Christotelic Hermeneutics – Part 1

  The Necessity of a Christotelic Hermeneutic    New Covenant Theology affirms that a Christotelic hermeneutic is an essential tool to correctly interpret Scripture. Explanation of the biblical text which does not consistently employ the aforementioned hermeneutic will result in…
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