Confession of a Christian Bond-Slave


(The author, who has chosen to remain anonymous,

has granted Providence Theological Seminary exclusive rights to

post and reproduce this particular writing.)




Yehoshua, My Dread and Sovereign Lord,

My Exalted Master and Blessed Savior,

Thou art the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

At Thy command, princes rise, and kings fall.

Thou workest all things according to Thy pleasure.

There is none who resists Thy Will.

There is none who can stay Thine Hand.


Thou art my Liege; and I Thy slave.

Thou hast shattered sin’s enslaving shackles

That I might know Thee and serve Thee.

Let the mark of Thy brand be upon my heart;

Inscribe Thy Name upon mine forehead

For I am Thy property, Thy possession,

Bought at great price with Thy Blood.


Lord Christ, my life is thine to exhaust

According to the good pleasure of Thy Will

As I am Thy vassal, an unworthy slave,

Let my Lord command me as He wilt.

Whether Thou give or whether Thou take away,

Let it be done to me according to Thy Word.

For what rights have I before Thy Face?


In all things I owe Thee true obedience

Not with false heart but sincere devotion,

Not with question or doubt but with all zeal,

Not with grumbling but with sure humility.

Not with hesitation but with all swiftness,

Not with complaint but with steadfast faith.

Quicken me to this end through Thy Spirit.


In whom or what can I boast, but Thee?

For all I have is from Thine hand alone.

For I chose not Thee, but Thou chose me.

Thou purchased me from sin’s tyranny and yoke.

Every skill and talent which I possess

Each is a gift from Thy Gracious Hand

To be employed alone in service to Thee.  


From anxiety may Thy Spirit purge my heart.

For as my Faithful and Gracious Master,

Thou provide all of which I have true need.

Thou givest me life, food, raiment, shelter.

Thankful and sober let my soul ever be,

For Thou has added these things unto me

Though Thy unworthy slave deserves them not.


Let me not shrink away from suffering,

But let me follow Thee outside the camp,

Bearing Thy reproach, disregarding the shame,

For Thou emptied Thyself and became a slave

To redeem Thy elect from sin and death.

Let me embrace with joy whatever suffering

May come upon me where’re I tread.


Let me learn obedience through hardship

For Thou workest all things for my good.

Let my Lord employ suffering as His tool

To fashion His slave after the Son’s image

Split my earthen vessel to bare Thy power within.

As the moon reflects the light of the blazing sun,

May my life reflect the splendor of my Lord.


To Thee, my Master, I shall give account

As to the manner I have employed Thy gifts.

For surely my time, my words, my ambitions,

My goods, my actions are subject to Thy will.

Let my soul be grieved for my transgressions.

Chasten me with Thy rod whenever I stray.

Restore me wholly unto Thee by Thy Spirit.


Grant me understanding of Thy Perfect Will

That I may ever prove what delights my Lord.

For I ache to glorify Thee in all I do.

For what matters but Thy favor and reward?

Let me be always willing, ever ready

To take upon me Thy light and easy yoke

Without the stiff neck, without kicking the goads.


Let my sole ambition be to please Thee

No matter the task, labor, or hardship,

No matter the sacrifice required me.

May Thou be my sole willful obsession.

Let me set aside youth’s lusts, amusements –

Pressing onward to Thee with Thy resolve

For except by Thy Grace, death’s trail tread I.


Let Thy Word forever be a light to my path.

May it be a buckler for my heart all my days.

Let me grieve o’er my sins and those of others.

May I join arms with the fellow slaves of my Lord,

Never quitting a fellow slave entrenched in sin.

We strive not against flesh but dark spiritual pow’rs,

For Thy kingdom, my Lord, is not of this world.


Let this be the sum of my identity:

I am a Christian, I am a Christian, I am a Christian.

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