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Providence Theological Seminary (PTS) welcomes students who are dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and earnestly want to pursue either part time or full time study of the Word of God based upon principles of interpretation that are based upon how Jesus and the New Testament writers understood the New Covenant fulfillment of the Old Covenant Scriptures.

– General Requirements –

Admission to the graduate-level Master of Divinity Degree (96 credit hours) requires a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited college with a grade point of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. The accredited bachelor degree requirement is widely accepted policy for seminaries and is a necessary requisite for pursing the Master of Divinity degree. Admission to bachelor-level degree programs (B. Div. and B.Th., 64 credit hours) requires a high school degree. The B.Div. program is designed for those spiritually gifted men desiring to prepare for the pastoral (preaching) ministry). The B.Th. program is designed for those students pursuing a teaching ministry. Both the B.Div. and B.Th. programs are specially designed, not only for younger students, but also for those second-career persons who are mature in age and Christian experience desiring to prepare for a more fulltime ministry. Certain courses (to be designated and dependent upon the level of course requirements) are designed to permit either bachelor- and master-level credit. A diploma in theological studies (DTS) is also offered for those students desiring to receive one full year (32 credit hours) of seminary study. For admission to any of the programs offered, submit to the Seminary the three completed forms (Application for Admission, Church, and Academic Reference Forms). Each applicant must (unless excepted by well-known personal and church references) meet in person with and be approved by the seminary’s admissions committee which includes the Faculty President and at least one other faculty member or member of the Board of Directors. All fulltime resident students must have academic or test documentation verifying proficiency in speaking, reading and writing English. Applying students may or may not be required to meet personally with the Faculty President before being accepted as a student in PTS.

– Part-time for Credit and Audit Students –

Those persons desiring to take individual courses for credit or for audit must submit to the Seminary only Parts I, II and III of the Application for Admission Form, a written statement explaining their Christian conversion and experience, and a brief statement of their understanding of a “prudent and respectable” dress policy for a seminary student.

– Application Fee –

There is a one-time, non-refundable $25 application for admission fee for each student.

Application Forms: (in PDF) Click Here for Application Forms

Application for Admission
Church Reference
Academic Reference

– PTS Student Doctrinal Statement –

Students are not required to hold to all of the doctrinal standards of Providence Theological Seminary (PTS) in order to enroll. However, students should be cognizant of the doctrinal position held and taught by the PTS faculty. Entering students need only to agree with the following ten doctrinal essentials: (1) the authority and inerrancy of Scripture; (2) the Trinity; (3) the full deity and humanity of Christ; (4) the spiritual depravity of fallen mankind; (5) the substitutionary atonement and bodily resurrection of Christ; (6) salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone; (7) the indwelling ministry of the Holy Spirit; (8) The church as the body of Christ; (9) the future, bodily and visible return of Christ; and (10) eternal condemnation for the unbeliever and eternal blessing for the believer.