The Fundamentals of New Covenant Theology – Part 13: NCT Described (VII)

The Fundamentals of New Covenant Theology

 Part 13: NCT Described (VII)


“The driving motive of NCT is “Back to the Bible.(Long, New Covenant Theology, NCT Described)


To say that “the driving motive of NCT” is “Back to the Bible” is in essence to say that New Covenant Theology seeks to consistently apply the Protestant principium (Latin: ‘first principle’) of sola Scriptura (Latin: ‘by the Scriptures alone’). This particular Protestant theological maxim encapsulates the absolute truth that the Scriptures not only constitutes the inspired, infallible and inerrant Word of God but also is the sole authority of faith and practice for the Christian believer. New Covenant Theology endeavors to heed the biblical principle of not going beyond what is written (c.f. 1 Cor. 14:6). Simply put, New Covenant Theology seeks to limit its own terminology to the language of the biblical text. Proponents of New Covenant Theology strive to have the Scriptures alone inform their theology and to avoid forcing God’s Word into any humanly developed theological paradigm. Regarding this, New Covenant Theology respectfully asserts that it is the most consistent application of sola Scriptura.

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